Explosion in Germany Panics People, Rocks the Psyche

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At least 25 people have been injured in an explosion in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Several residents have escaped and rescue efforts have been ongoing.

Detuschland Explosion in Wohnhaus in Wuppertal (picture-alliance/dpa/H. Kaiser)

An explosion in an apartment building in the western German city of Wuppertal seriously injured 25 people, at least five of them seriously, according to local emergency services.

Police say the blast rocked the multi-story apartment block shortly before midnight on Saturday with a large noise, scaring people in surrounding homes so much they ran out into the street in a panic.

Debris from the building fell on top of vehicles parked outside (picture-alliance/dpa/H. Kaiser)Debris from the building fell on top of vehicles parked outside

Several small fires broke out inside the building and firefighters struggled to put out the flames because parts of the building kept collapsing.

Some residents managed to escape, but others became trapped and needed to be rescued by firefighters. A large number of rescuers worked to free people from…

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WNN | Colombian Navy to get a new hydrographic multipurpose vessel


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MEET Insurrectionists: Attorney # 2 – FBI agent on Hillary probe, labeled Trump supporters ‘retarded’, texted ‘f**k Trump’

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FBI Agent Sally Moyer

FBI agent Sally Moyer, 44, was spotted leaving her Washington D.C. home on Friday morning but declined to discuss the controversy

Attorney # 2

Clinesmith, who is divorced, told the New Columbia Heights website at the time that he grew up in a 'small farming town in rural Michigan' and moved to the Washington area in 2008.

EXCLUSIVE: This is the FBI agent who worked on Hillary Clinton probe, labeled Trump supporters ‘retarded’ and texted ‘f**k Trump’ to her colleague lover – seen for the first time since her identity was revealed after release of IG report

  • Sally Moyer, 44, was named as the FBI agent who traded anti-Trump texts that were seen in the 568-page inspector general report released last Friday
  • In exclusive pictures obtained by DailyMail.com, Moyer was seen leaving her home. She declined to discuss the controversy
  • Moyer was identified only as ‘Agent 5’ in the report, but her name was released by Congressman Mark Meadows during a congressional hearing this week
  • At the time of the texts, she was on the ‘filter team’ for the Clinton probe – a small team that determined whether information could be used in the investigation 
  • Moyer exchange messages with Agent…

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IN | Singapore officials reject rumors of spy devices used at Trump-Kim summit


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VIDEO Curious Releases,FBI Provides “Initial” Compulsory Docs To House Oversight, Ongoing Impeachment Threats…

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Curious Releases – FBI Provides “Initial” Compulsory Documents To House Oversight Amid Ongoing Impeachment Threats…

Due to the ongoing and unresolved scale of corruption within the administrative offices of the DOJ (Sessions/Rosenstein) and FBI (Wray/Bowdich), it is no longer possible to provide any benefit-of-doubt regarding their obstruction of oversight.   The IG report; the manipulation (red-lining) of the draft content therein; and the subsequent DOJ/FBI willful blindness toward the remaining content; affords no leniency toward motive.

In essence, if we are to honestly call the baby ugly, we are also to admit: there is an ongoing and institutional cover-up taking place. Yes, even by Trump officials.

In the latest development(s); and against the backdrop of previously unknown subpoenas from several House committees (HPSCI, Judiciary and the useless House Oversight/Reform committee), the FBI sends two compliance letters to congressional leadership.

It should be noted…

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4 Things MSM Leaves Out – Press Only Seem To Care About Broken Attachments For Border Crossing Children?

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Why Does The Press Only Seem To Care About Broken Attachments For Border Crossing Children?

Children all over the U.S. suffer the same kind of trauma as those at the border, but it seems the press only cares about the children when it serves liberal ideological ends.

Why Does The Press Only Seem To Care About Broken Attachments For Border-Crossing Children?

June 23, 2018  By Paula Rinehart

Pediatricians and immigrant advocates in South Texas are sounding the alarm that separating migrant children from their parents is giving them “toxic stress.” Change.org offers a tool kit to protest this trauma. Report after report features distraught children torn from the arms of their parents. This really is a tragic picture, although the parents put themselves at risk by heading across the border in spite of warnings they would be separated from their children.

A deeper question, though, lurks beneath this sudden concern for the welfare of children at the border. The repercussions associated with broken attachments…

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(VIENNA) #OPEC looks to have agreed to a 1 per cent increase in world oil production after believing that it has overcome differences between Saudi Arabia and Iran: The decision was taken after major consumers warned of supply shortages #AceFinanceDesk reports

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#AceFinanceReport – June.24: According to Reuters, Saudi Arabia and Russia – a non-OPEC member – said that an increase in production by about 1 million barrels per day, equivalent to about 1% of global supplies, from early July, has almost been agreed upon by the group and its allies: However, OPEC sources said that the actual increase in oil production would be less than expected because several countries which have produced less than their quotas will find it difficult to return to their full output, and other producers will not be allowed to fill the gap #AceFinanceDesk reports

Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries [file photo]Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries [file photo]

June 23, 2018 at 12:36 pm

OPEC met in Vienna amid calls from the US, China and India to cut the price of crude oil and prevent a shortage that may harm the global economy: The 14 OPEC member states, along with the 10…

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