The idea that socialism is …

Live Free Or Die

… a more compassionate system is a fallacy. People can be compassionate, but not governments.

When a government defines everyone’s needs, and creates a system to satisfy those needs, AND, restricts all other choices and behavior, it destroys the motivation to do anything to improve one’s own lot in life. People are forced to look to the government for any improvement. That lack of motivation stifles creativity, innovation, competition, and ambition.

Socialism is systematic restriction to control behavior. It is not compassionate.

America became great because people were expected to fend for themselves. People saw one’s lot in life rise and fall according to how hard and smart they worked. That is the exact opposite of socialism.

Socialists are like grown men and women who don’t leave home. They remain dependent children. They never become adults who move out to live on their own.


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