A Future German Fighter Jet’s Main Enemy Is the F-35


Germany’s military is a case study in an armed force in need of new equipment. The problems cut across theBundeswehrand areparticularly acute with the aging air force. Germany’s combat air fleet — around 180 fighters — has around 85 Panavia Tornados with the rest being Eurofighter Typhoons.
The 1960s-era Tornados — multi-role and nuclear-capable fighter-bombers — have many troubles. Germany can only fly them for around four months per year due to maintenance needs, and atmostaround half of them are actually serviceable — the real numbermay be worse.
The air force is behind its Tornado training schedule by three months. In February 2018, the German air force even temporarilygroundedthe Tornado fleet because of improperly-mixed fuel.
These multi-role fighters need to be replaced. The question is with what. See, the Torando was developed decades ago by Panavia, a consortium of aerospace companies from…

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  1. tonytran2015 says:

    After the NK Nuclear Crisis now the World is working on having usable widely distributed small Nukes!


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