Safety Critical Equipment and Spare Part Guidance by OCIMF

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( Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) has released a new information paper and indeed is a very welcome initiative for the industry. The purpose of this information paper is to provide guidance on safety critical spare parts for companies to consider when preparing a Safety Management System (SMS). It is equally applicable to companies managing any type of vessel.

This paper introduces some boundary conditions to consider and walks through several steps that may be required to identify safety critical spare parts.

Section 10.3 of the ISM Code requires that mitigations are put in place within the company’s SMS to avoid and manage hazardous situations. The question of what constitutes safety critical equipment is then addressed by section 10.3 of the ISM Code. Although this does not specifically state the terms ‘critical’ or ‘safety critical’, the industry generally accepts ‘safety critical’ as the term used to describe such equipment. Section 10.3 also introduces the concept of…

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