WashPost Reports Terry McAuliffe’s ‘Homeland’ Cameo, Not His ‘Green’ Bankruptcy News

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By Tim Graham ~

The Washington Post topped its “The Reliable Source” gossip column on Tuesday with “Yes, that was former Va. governor Terry McAuliffe in a ‘Homeland’ cameo.” Emily Heil wrote in the paper “The HBO show [false! It’s on Showtime!] filmed its seventh season in an around Richmond last year, thanks in part to McAuliffe’s intense lobbying.” McAuliffe praised actors: “These folks work very, very hard on all the details.”

The Post doesn’t work very hard on all the details. They found the space for Governor McAuliffe’s (pictured) bit part on a cable drama…but skipped the story a few weeks ago when his company GreenTech filed for bankruptcy. GreenTech died in darkness.

Becky Yerak at The Wall Street Journal managed to report the story on February 27:

GreenTech Automotive Inc., an electric car maker co-founded by former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, has filed for bankruptcy, seeking protection from…

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