Jeff Sessions fired Andrew McCabe hours before his retirement

The pension issue, depends upon the retirement system that governs the FBI, and it could be one blanket, or one for rank and file, and another for management. Generally, if employment is terminated, the pension is sunk. If the employee contributed towards the pension, they get their contribution returned sans interest. If there is no contribution, kiss that pension goodbye, because it is as lost as a ship that was torpedoed.

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  I have to admit I am surprised because I did not think Jeff Sessions would have the courage to do it but late last night the Attorney General, acting on the recommendation of the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility, fired Andrew McCabe hours before he was set to retire.

  Here is more:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions late Friday night accepted the recommendation that former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who took the reins of the agency during the turbulent days after the abrupt firing of James Comey, be terminated — two days before he was to retire and become eligible for full pension benefits.

Though McCabe — who has been attacked by President Donald Trump — stepped down as deputy director in late January, he remained on the federal payroll, planning to retire on Sunday. The firing places his federal pension in jeopardy.

Unlike Trump’s removal of Comey last year, which produced widespread resentment…

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  1. Short and sweet – that is get back politics at its finest. If Mc Cabe played by the rules, he would have been able to retire with his toes facing the sun.

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  2. tonytran2015 says:

    Last chance to fire a torpedo before enemy ship disappears from view!

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