Separatists mull appointing jailed leader as Catalan president — Carles Puigdemont is in self-exile in Belgium

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© AFP/File | Catalan separatists have held frequent protests calling for freeom for “political prisoners”
MADRID (AFP) – Catalan separatist parties are considering appointing jailed civil society leader Jordi Sanchez as regional president as their negotiations to try and find a suitable candidate draw to a close, a lawmaker said.The parties — which form an absolute majority in the Catalan parliament — have been negotiating for weeks over who to pick as candidate for the regional presidency as Catalonia’s sacked leader Carles Puigdemont is in self-exile in Belgium.

Puigdemont wants to govern Catalonia remotely but Spain’s Constitutional Court has made his appointment conditional on his physical presence in regional capital Barcelona — and he faces arrest if he returns over his role in the attempt to break from Spain.

“A deal is imminent,” said Carles Campuzano of Puigdemont’s PdeCAT party on Spanish radio late on Monday, as Catalonia remains without…

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