Collusion-Mongers Hurt America Far Worse Than The Indicted Russians Did

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Collusion-Mongers Hurt America Far Worse Than The Indicted Russians Did

It appears the Russia hysteria peddlers are engaging in a more effective disinformation campaign than Russians could have ever constructed.

Feb 21, 2018 By Ben Weingarten

The most breathtaking aspect of special counsel Robert Mueller’s indictment of 13 Russian nationals is not the charges against the defendants, but how perfectly those charges describe the machinations of the Russiagate Players.

By Russiagate Players, I refer to the relevant Hillary Clinton campaign officials and allies, Obama administration principals and holdovers in the law enforcement, national security and foreign policy apparatuses, Fusion GPS players and the journalists apparently in cahoots with them, who all helped create and disseminate the fast-collapsing Trump-Russia collusion narrative.

In spite of the media spin on the indictment, the primary actions of the Internet Research Agency that employed these 13 Russians can best be described as follows: Russian nationals fraudulently funded and created social media accounts and…

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One Response to Collusion-Mongers Hurt America Far Worse Than The Indicted Russians Did

  1. All that collusion hysteria looks like devil trying to rebuke sin.

    For 8 years, Obommie and Clinton have been kissing Putin’s thuggish KGB ass. And now they somehow are indignant anti-russian hawks? That might work for liberal millenials, but not for people who have memory and common sense.

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