Situational Stupidity

Another mass shooting incident took place yesterday, in Florida, the shooter in custody [1]. It goes beyond a “troubled youth”, when behaviors include a desire to kill anything, starting with small animals for no reason[2]. Failure of the FBI to take a proper police action, after being informed six months in advance of the mass murder incident of children [3].

Continually, people who have done one thing and one thing only, they have made it their business to commit evil acts, do so, despite people being forewarned. Guns will be blamed, when the head in the sand, needs attention, but in society on the verge of collapse, sensitized persons will emotionally breakdown should a finger and allegation be levelled at them. At times, I believe this soft world, or more accurately our soft American nation, would be much better off, if anyone knowing the psychological condition of deJesus Cruz, would have picked up a baseball bat and hit him in the kneecap. But criminal lawmakers, the elected scum, make laws that will protect their own kind of criminals while placing everyone else at odds with each other. Doubt my word? Okay, let’s take a look at things. Starting with the Bill of Rights [4].

In 1791, the Bill of Rights was approved by the US Congress. It says much to those who believe in it, and says nothing to those who do not believe in it. A pick and choose state of affairs exists, as the only amendment bastardized, remains the Second Amendment, and it is only Twenty-Seven words, ending with a punctuation period mark, but scum in the oval office, and congress, violate their oaths to the constitution on a daily basis, and rise up in power. Servants, those elected. They answer to us, the People. We don’t answer to them.

The perversion of America, started by Marxists to cripple and destroy the nation, have screwed up the people so badly, that they can no longer take responsibility for their own actions or make decisions, they rely on government to wipe their asses for them. The defiant evil ones continue to threaten to murder people, but nobody wants to get involved [5]. Therefore, nothing will stop. Unless people return to vigilantism and on that score, usually the wrong people were killed by the crowds.

What is needed, is a strong backbone. But we will not be seeing that for another thousand years at the rate we are proceeding in the country. Why? Again, liberal Marxists seek to destroy things so that they may be on top, and profiteer. It’s about money and those seeking power and authority. It’s also why politicians want to disarm the population (it would take about a hundred footnotes to list all that). The only way through the maze of modern life as it stands, is for people to stand up for their rights. Namely, Constitutional Carry. Those hating the Second Amendment, should leave the country, because the Bill of Rights, is the Law of the Land. Along with rights goes added responsibility, and added obligations. Unless of course, the Marxists get their way and trigger a revolution, then everything gets scrapped and we start over, but why? Again, a failure of the FBI to do anything. All the legislation is worthless if imbeciles and limp dicks are in charge. What about NSA? Did they have anything on deJesus Cruz, as the NSA collects and spies on everyone? Denials from attorneys of family noticing anything strange in behavior, but all the open threats online by the shooter went unanswered. Why? Talk or speech about commiting murder, is most serious. But I suppose there were many people connected to the shooter who remained mute, because they believed that they were the smartest person in the room, and politically correct to a fault. A damning fault, as children were murdered. Imbeciles in government will get miles of on-air exposure and will shoot a load in their pants, thinking that they are high and mighty, but nothing will be solved, as we all await the next incident, because somewhere out there, people ignore a danger, waiting for a place to happen. But what do I know? People dismiss me.






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    • Brittius says:

      Thank you. Please pardon my strong language that I included in the article, but I become outraged when nothing is done, and children are murdered.


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