HN&F | Is a DoJ shake up underway causing the rats to jump ship

Pensions at stake. Civil service has one set of rules and the appointed ones have a different set of rules. While it is harder to remove a civil servant, management will have many more perks, such as benefits that can be carried with them while the US taxpayers pay for it, and better pension packages. then there are unpaid sick days, longevity, unused paid holidays, best of three years aggregate pensionable (three highest earned years added, then divided by three, for pension payout, always highest number). If, extracted from a position, they can lose everything and go out with zero, zilch, nothing, goose eggs. If indicted, pension becomes frozen, unless they are already collecting the pension. If convicted they lose the pension, unless they are already collecting the pension, then it’s safe. Big decisions. The writing is on the wall, and the hand, belongs to President Trump. Many of the appointees belonging to BHO are arrogant and condescending, and that is a culture with non-civil service. While civil service, they have a threshold. If appointees are jumping ship, it indicates that they were operating with lack of good faith in everything they were doing. What’s the better cure for that? Promote qualified civil service and mustang them. They keep civil service status, and get perks. That usually improves morale and performance of the entire section.

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