Pondering of events subsequent to the memo release.

For those who do not know the Reality Check, he is retired USAF, and worked in the Reagan White House. That had to be the best job that I can ever think of.
The situation involving the memo, is naturally being disputed by the Marxist elements. Should more damning reports surface in the immediate future, the Left could, start going hog wild, to divert attention. We need the USAG, Jittery Jeff, to stop the shaking and stuttering, and get a federal grand jury up and seek indictments, forthwith. We need for passports to get pulled, now, without delay. I believe we have quite a number of rats, in the trap. They will respond viciously, as expected.

Reality Check

Ladies and Gentlemen, I admit, I wasn’t really “keeping up” with the news the last few months as this “memo” thing began, nor did I pay much attention to the “Russian Collusion” story based solely on the fact I have no television and rarely see much news.

I read things on FB or the Internet and get interested and start digging. It’s how I get all my news. By getting interested in a story and then reading all side of the coin, not just one news agency, ALL OF THEM. Right, Left, Middle, Russian, German, French, makes no difference to me. I READ IT ALL.

After poring over that memo release and all the various news sources associated with it, I have come to a rather scary conclusion. Following are my thoughts only:

1) The memo details a lot of corruption. But, it’s only the surface. There is more…

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