China vows action after US warship sails near South China Sea island — Who “owns” the sea?

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Beijing claims passage of destroyer USS Hopper in disputed water violates sovereignty but Pentagon says operations are routine

China has vowed to take “necessary measures” to protect its sovereignty after a US navy destroyer sailed near a disputed shoal claimed by Beijing in the South China Sea this week.

China’s foreign ministry said the missile destroyer USS Hopper came within 12 nautical miles – an internationally recognised territorial limit – of Huangyan Island, which is also known as Scarborough Shoal and subject to a rival claim by the Philippines. Two US officials confirmed it.

The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the patrol was in line with international law and was an “innocent passage”, in which a warship effectively recognises a territorial sea by crossing it quickly, without stopping.

The US military says it carries…

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4 Responses to China vows action after US warship sails near South China Sea island — Who “owns” the sea?

  1. tonytran2015 says:

    The island had been under Vietnamese rules (administered by South Vietnam) when it regained independence from France.

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    • Brittius says:

      There has been a number of issues, some were suddenly covered up by the US media. In August of 1945, on the USS Missouri, Japan surrendered. China was given charge to patrol waters in addition to the US Navy, because most southeast asian nations could not handle the duty. With that charge, China laid claim to much of the oil regions, despite ownership being in other nations’ possession, and abandonment was cited by China. The International Court ruled against China, but I understand China’s grievance, that security of those waters were attained through China’s taxpayers since 1945, which Japan could not be trusted due to constant invasion of the entire asian region and Japan had a tradition of violating treaties and agreements with every other nation.


      • tonytran2015 says:

        The colonial Indochina government has never abandoned those Islands. The Indochinese government surrendered to Japan and Japan even constructed a submarine base there during WW2. The South Vietnamese goverment had been actively involved with those Islands until it lost the war to North Vietnam. So claims and counterclaims face one another!

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