The Gunny and his hat

The Gunny’s love of the fedora. Trump with a tycoon’s hat. Obama with the wrong hat. The photo of the white hat is the hat for Obama.

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Direct Descendant of, Roman General, and Consul of Rome, BRITTIUS, of the Imperial Roman Army.
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  1. Gunny G says:

    When I was a kid in the ’40s it was common that most men wore fedoras of one style or another.
    Mostly felt, some straw, etc.
    Generally referred to then as “felt hats,” man’s hat, soft hats, and maybe a few more names not picked up by me mind-housing-group right now!
    Their demise is said to have occurred by two occurrences…1. JFK’s going bareheaded…and 2. the new ‘compact” cars of the early ’60s–less headroom, etc.)
    Still seen in only private-eye movies of yesteryear; and the Indiana Jones fliks of the ’89 caused somewhat of a resurfacin of the Fedora, but still not like it usterbe!

    Dick Gaines aka: GunnyG

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    • Brittius says:

      That’s correct. I remember seeing men wearing hats until JFK, and then some after that but everyone knew that they were detectives.
      There were hat shops in the shopping areas in NYC where men brought hats to be cleaned and reshaped. Before the Hasidic Jews had their shops, I’m talking regular people had those shops. Also, men used to have suits, built from bolts of fabric. Until the shopping stores brought in mass factory rack stuff. Even the barber shops had someone to brush clean hats. That became a hipster trade where they sissified the straight razor shave, that I used to get with a hot towel, and finish with Old Spice. Okay, I used to snore in the chair for a half hour.


  2. Gunny G says:

    ThankYa Brit!

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