Is that a confession?

You can’t reason, with TEETH. 😉

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My blogger friends, here is a story that will bring a smile to your faces.


“Is that a confession?”


Michael Kowalski (retired)
Niskayuna Police Department 

“I was an Officer in Charge of the midnight shift for about 7 years. All the young officers were on the midnight shift… we had a union and that shift fell to the ‘rookies’ or those with not enough time on the job for the other shifts. I loved it because I was the old dog and had to keep up with the yearling’s!
Speaking of DOGS, one night we had a burglar alarm at a local car shop go off. Three cars responded, myself included. One officer noticed a panel kicked in of an overhead door. I knew that there ‘once was’ a not very friendly Rotteweiler inside, but he had died from old age a while before. What I didn’t know was…

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