New York City: Democrat Pamela Harris Indicted for Stealing Hurricane Sandy Funds…

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A New York state assemblywoman from Brooklyn who claims to be an advocate for Sandy victims has been accused of bilking FEMA and New York City’s Build it Back fund out of thousands of dollars following the monster 2012 storm.

Rep. Pamela Harris(D), a former New York City correction officer, was named in an 11-count indictment charging her with cheating the two storm relief agencies out of thousands of dollars before and after she was elected to the State Assembly in 2017. The indictment also accuses the Coney Island Democrat of stealing from New York City Council coffers while running a nonprofit and lying about her schemes during bankruptcy proceedings in 2013.

“Ms. Harris has been an invaluable community organizer and a well-regarded legislator. Especially given that background, we are disappointed that Ms. Harris was indicted,” her attorneys Joel Cohen and Jerry Goldfeder said in a statement. They added that…

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