The top shipping stories of 2017

Maritime Cyprus

As 2017 is reaching its end, we can’t stop wondering about the future of  shipping industry in 2018. But first, let’s have a look at the stories that our readers were most interested in. The following issues may have been either popular reads in 2017 or captivated high attention among the industry. Overall, major challenges mixed with significant developments made 2017 an interesting year as well for the maritime industry. The agenda included from rise of technology trends and vessel automation, to cyber security issues and piracy revival.

Autonomous shipping and digitalization are currently the ‘buzz’ words around us; however, many things need to be considered about these issues and the industry continues to discussing a lot about them. Certainly, these are the new trends in the spotlight and more developments are looming in the forthcoming years to make the smart shipping concept a reality. However, the ‘smart era’  escalates…

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