Sheila Jackson Lee ‘bumps’ woman from first class flight and then plays the race card

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  I do not know if any of you saw this story because of the busy Christmas weekend but apparently there was a mix up on a United Airlines flight. A woman, Jean-Marie Simon, purchased a first-class ticket on a flight to Houston however when she went to board the plane Jean-Marie Simon was informed she cancelled her flight. She claims she did not cancel the flight and United Airlines gave her an economy ticket. When Jean-Marie Simon boarded the flight she noticed Sheila Jackson Lee sitting in the seat she had paid for.

  Needless to say Jean-Marie Simon was upset and caused a commotion, claiming she was bumped to accommodate the Congresswoman. To be fair we do not know if she was actually bumped to accommodate Sheila Jackson Lee or if there really was an unfortunate mix up which just happened to benefit Sheila Jackson Lee. I find it very…

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