Climbing onto your own roof

Makes good points. In my younger years, I walked rooftops of structural fire buildings, and there’s more to it. The mattress feeling under your feet. Foreign matter on the roof that can cause slipping. Sub-roof structurally compromised, and collapse under your bodyweight, and I have seen firefighters fall through more than once. There’s a lot to it.

Additional survival tricks

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia)

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Climbing onto your own roof.

During a recession, the cost of periodic roof inspections may be high for you. If your house is a single storey one and its roof is neither steep nor slippery then you may be able to climb onto it to carry out the inspection yourself. This will save you money and save you from scams on unnecessary repairs carried out by dishonest trademen.

This blog shows the essential safety points in getting onto your own roof.

1. Suitable footwear.

You need shoes with non-slip soft rubber soles.
2. Secure setup of the ladder.

Your climbing ladder must be securely set up.

The ladder should be inclined at the slope of 4 up 1 across. Its top must rest against a firm surface, its base must be on firm ground to stop it from tipping over.

The ladder…

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