New York, Port Authority Bombing

Two thoughts:
(a) The president, may have spoken prematurely or spoke on a topic in substance, as only Israel can move their capitol city, and, obviously, our embassy would need to be relocated to, that capitol. Therefore, as usual, everyone is taking the president, out of context.
(b) There will be only one cure for the radical Islamics, and that cure is, Constitutional Carry. If not, then cities are dead, because everyone will need to pass a TSA search, before getting on any train, bus, aircraft, boat. Maybe the individual at the Port Authority Bus Terminal was acting suspiciously, and maybe not. But look at the world and what is going on. Berlin, police recovered this morning, satchels of live ammunition by the shopping mall. It was a stash. Something was planned by someone. Get the picture? Now, too many refugees or migrants, or invaders, want to bite the American hand that feeds it. They believe American kindness is weakness. Now the Iron Fist, must be shown.

Reality Check

Today is Monday, 11 September 2017.

Earlier this morning a premature detonation of a belt or vest bomb occurred in New York’s Port Authority area.

The only apparent injuries (at least being reported at this time) are the bomber.

The bombing suspect is ID’d as Akayed Ullah, 27.  Officials say. “He had burns and wounds to his body…This male was wearing an improvised low-tech explosive device attached to his body. He intentionally detonated that device.”

So, not so “premature” was it?  Deliberate.  Calculated to do massive damage and murder people.

And, his name says it all.

Islam is a cancer.  It needs to be excised from this country.  Muslims should be out in the streets protesting these murderers, but they aren’t.

There IS NO SUCH THING as a “Moderate Muslim”.  If you say you are, you’re lying.  If you have friends who are “nice, upstanding Muslims” they are trying to…

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