How Stupid Are Liberals? Valerie Johnson, Mayor of New Brighton Minnesota is Reduced to Tears Over Denial of “White Privilege”…

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If “White Privilege” actually exists then it was earned by centuries of good behavior.

Centuries of not raping, not stealing, and not murdering.

It’s a blessing from GOD. It should be embraced and used in all situations to benefit those who possess it.

Liberals don’t see it that way. They feel that any advantage GOD bestowed and that was cultivated over the ages by being decent and honorable should be discarded and any who might benefit be hobbled to “level the field.”

“Progressives” get very emotional over this non-issue. Watch as the Mayor of New Brighton, Minnesota, Valerie Johnson starts to tremble and cry when everyone at the meeting doesn’t admit to their racist advantage over the other two races:

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