New York Post report: the CFPB used a slush fund to funnel money to left wing causes

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  At the end of November the head of the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, Richard Cordray, stepped down and decided he somehow had the right to appoint his own successor in an attempt to prevent Donald Trump from appointing an interim head. Donald Trump disagreed and named Mick Mulvaney as acting head. The court quickly ruled that Donald Trump was in the right and Mick Mulvaney was installed to head the bureau until a permanent head can be nominated.

  Richard Cordray obviously wanted to ensure the CFPB stayed under the leadership of a Democrat and now we might know why if this New York Post story is correct. It appears as if there were some shady goings on at the CFPB:

 CFPB is a Democrat shop with an anti-business agenda that goes well beyond protecting consumers and includes closing the “wealth gap” and administering “economic justice,” as Cordray has been fond…

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