The Clinton Foundation under-reported donations made by Russian nuclear company

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  Back in October we learned the FBI had evidence of collusion between the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One but did nothing with it. This led to the House to open up investigations into the both the Uranium One deal and the Clinton Foundation.

  Now we are learning, according to this story, that the Clinton Foundation vastly under-reported contributions made by  a company which was lobbying for Russia’s nuclear company. Here is more:

The Clinton Foundation’s donor disclosure site vastly understated support that the Clinton Global Initiative received from APCO Worldwide, a global communications firm that lobbied on behalf of Russia’s state-owned nuclear company.

The site, created to detect conflicts of interest for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton because of her family’s various charitable efforts, shows APCO gave between $25,000 and $50,000 over the last decade.

But according to interviews and internal documents reviewed by The Hill, APCO was much more generous and provided…

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