Hoping to bolster tax reform talks Donald Trump flip-flops on Obamacare subsidies

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  Donald Trump is desperate for the major legislative win by the end of the year which has eluded him so far in his Presidency. He hopes this victory will come in the form of tax reform but the outcome is in doubt with several Republicans still unwilling to announce their support of the legislation.

  So yesterday he offered a bit of an olive branch hoping to win over a couple of Republicans and possibly one Democrat on tax reform and it comes in the form of reversing his position on the Alexander-Murray bill.

  Back in October the President said he was going to end the Obamacare subsidies. The Alexander-Murray bill would extend the subsidies for two years and Donald Trump said he could not support the legislation because he considered it a bailout of the insurance companies, (I do not agree with this assessment because the costs will…

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