Michael Flynn’s lawyers cut ties with Donald Trump’s lawyers

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  Michael Flynn’s lawyers have been sharing information about the Russia collusion probe with Donald Trump’s lawyers. Apparently this is a common practice between defense lawyers but yesterday the President’s lawyers were informed that Michael Flynn’s lawyers can no longer share information, leading to speculation Michael Flynn is now working with the prosecutors.

  Here is more:

Lawyers for former national security adviser Michael Flynn told President Trump’s attorneys they can no longer discuss the special counsel’s investigation into Russian election meddling — a sign that Flynn may be working with prosecutors, according to a report Thursday.

Flynn’s legal team had been sharing information with the president’s lawyers about Robert Mueller’s probe into whether the Trump campaign coordinated with the Russian government to interfere with the 2016 presidential election, the New York Times reported.

But Flynn’s lawyers cut ties with Trump’s attorneys, ending the information-sharing agreement, the paper reported, citing four…

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