McCain Forgot He Didn’t Withdraw Over His Alleged Scandalous Affair in 2008

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Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

Senator John McCain was one of the first Republicans to bash senatorial candidate Judge Roy Moore and demand he resign based on allegations by women Moore says are lying.

We don’t want to repeat the entire story. By now everyone knows about the Roy Moore scandal — alleged scandal. If Moore was inappropriate with underage girls thirty-eight years ago, he should do the right thing and resign, but we have no way of knowing yet if the accusations are true. It’s very possible the story is false given from whence it comes.

The Washington Post released the story and they are fully unreliable. Gloria Allred is a Democrat operative and she is working with one of the accusers. Another accuser is a Democrat campaign worker.

None of these allegations were mentioned in Moore’s five runs for…

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1 Response to McCain Forgot He Didn’t Withdraw Over His Alleged Scandalous Affair in 2008

  1. Rob says:

    The lie-beral Dems are working overtime on this one. They can smell control of Congress in the air if they can just get Moore to quit the race. Barry O taught them well using Saul Alinsky’s book “Rules for Radicals” which says “Where there is no crisis, create one.” And that’s exactly what they’ve done! Funny how Moore has been in politics for so long and even served on the Alabama Supreme Court and then as Chief Justice of that court and no one ever said a word about all this back then. And now, suddenly, all these women are jumping on the bandwagon and all are going to that Dem hack Gloria Alred! What an amazing “coincidence.”

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