IMO – Port State Control regimes collaboration

Maritime Cyprus

The IMO issued a news release stating that port state control regimes have pledged to strengthen their collaboration with the IMO and amongst themselves. They also agreed to consider moving away from ‘black/grey/white’ lists toward expanding an individual ship risk profile approach.

A recent workshop (24-26 October) for port State control (PSC) MoU/Agreement Secretaries and Database Managers and Member States, the seventh of its kind, was held at IMO headquarters in London, United Kingdom. Participants shared experiences, highlighted new projects and approved a wide range of recommendations, which are aimed at further collaboration, harmonization and information sharing. The recommendations will be forwarded for review by IMO and the regional governing bodies of PSC regimes.

Since the first regional PSC agreement was signed in 1982 (the Paris MoU), IMO has supported the establishment of eight other regional PSC regimes, achieving a global maritime network. The areas of responsibility of the nine…

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