Dianne Feinstein admits she has still not seen any evidence of Russian collusion

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  The investigation into possible collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign has been going on for roughly one year. Paul Manafort and two others have been arrested as a result of this investigation and today NBC reported that Robert Mueller has enough evidence to bring charges against Michael Flynn.

  Much like the charges against the others it appears as if Michael Flynn could be charged with possible money laundering and lying to Federal agents. Nothing related to colluding with the Russians to change the outcome of the election.

  Today Dianne Feinstein appeared on CNN and she was asked about Russian collusion and had to admit that to date she has still not seen any evidence, here is the video:

      The Democrats are going to revel in the news of another possible indictment in the Russian collusion investigation, and this should be expected, but after…

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