Nancy Pelosi seeks to calm Trump impeachment talk

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  With the arrest of Paul Manafort and two others last Monday the impeachment talk has been ramped up again by Democratic voters although these arrests appear to have nothing to do with Russia collusion–at least right now.

  Apparently, according to this article, Nancy Pelosi has been working behind the scenes in recent weeks to quell the talk of impeachment because she believes it will be a distraction in the 2018 mid-term election. Here is more:

She told lawmakers at a Democratic leadership meeting soon after that she had reached out to the Democratic megadonor to tell him that his $10 million ad campaign was a distraction. (A source close to Steyer says he hasn’t spoken with Pelosi since the ad launched.)

Pelosi is eager to show her party can govern — in contrast to the chaos surrounding Trump — and believes that a reputation as the “No…

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