Chinese power over North Korea? It’s more myth than reality

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BEIJING (AP) — At first glance, it seems the perfect solution to the world’s most dangerous standoff: Find a way to get China to use its enormous influence to force North Korea to abandon its nuclear bombs.

The countries, after all, share a long, porous border, several millennia of history and deep ideological roots. Tens, and possibly hundreds, of thousands of Chinese…

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3 Responses to Chinese power over North Korea? It’s more myth than reality

  1. tonytran2015 says:

    Yes, it is only a myth. Korea has ruled Northern part of China during the Song Dynasty. The will not forget that glorious past.


    • Brittius says:

      I always thought the Korean people, north and south, were actually Chinese, until somebody drew a geopolitical line on a map.


      • tonytran2015 says:

        No, its NOT like that.
        Japan,Korea,Manchuria,Mongolia,Tibet,Uigur,Chinese Kunlun, are Northern “barbarian” (in Chinese view) neighbours of China. They all are in the cross sight of China and they each have to resist Chinese occupation and hegemonization.
        One of the favorite Chinese Opera scene (translated into Vietnamese) I enjoyed watching when I was young is the play depicting the struggle in Chinese Imperial Court between the loyal Army Commander and the (Hillary like) Chief Minister while China was fighting for its life against the “barbarian” Kim Country.
        Kim Country is now North Korea ruled by Kim Jun Un.

        It is regrettable that US policy makers are so illiterate of this and they keep making blunders. They should have allied with those countries to control the Ever Expanding China.

        Stalin was better in allying with (half-maimed) Mongolia and India to control China.

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