Risk Focus – Car Carriers, Ro-Ro and Ro-Pax Ship Safety – A Guide for Crew

Maritime Cyprus

(http://www.MaritimeCyprus.com) This publication highlights some of the issues specific to car carriers, how those risks can be addressed, and provides helpful and practical advice for all seafarers and ship operators, or managers working with these ships.

There have been a number of serious incidents involving car carriers and other Ro-Ro passenger ships over the years. These incidents were the catalyst for a number of radical changes to the way that these ships are operated and new design features to improve the stability and safety.

Car carriers and Ro-Ro ships are characterised by their extensive covered cargo lanes above the main deck, each of which extends over a large area where any water ingress will rapidly affect the transverse stability. Similarly, any cargo shift can also reduce the available intact stability and the safety of the ship.

More recent incidents have demonstrated that despite developments and improvements, issues remain. Any problems concerning operations, stability and cargo securing should be considered carefully to ensure…

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