The SANDF is Not Suited for Fighting Crime

By Gideon Joubert

It is with no small amount of concern that I regard the Minister of Police’s calls for SANDF soldiers to be deployed to so-called “criminal hotspots” in Gauteng and the Western Cape. The SANDF is tasked foremostly with the performance of various military operations. The purpose of an army is to fight primarily on land and, if I am allowed to severely oversimplify its actions, it will do so by deploying, manoeuvring, and then finding and killing the enemy. Its personnel are trained with this in mind. What they are not trained to do, is to perform the actions and duties of police. Soldiers of the SANDF are not trained nor proficient in the nuances of the law and law enforcement, such as arrest technique and the Criminal Procedures Act. Neither are they familiar with many of the important responsibilities police officers consider routine. Using military personnel…

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