Lady Lures Man With Sex, Asks Repeatedly if He is a “Serial Killer,” Then Leaps on Him, Stabs Him, and Tries to Eat His Heart…

Trigger Reset

“Well, I am a serial killer!”…Amy Brown…

In a horrific case of “almost,” a woman who aspired to be a serial killer was sentenced to 18 years in prison on Tuesday. After attempting to kill a man she had met on Craigslist, Amy Brown’s seriously disturbed intentions were discovered. Fortunately, her fantasies about becoming a murdering cannibal did not come to fruition.

Snohomish County Superior Court Judge Michael Downes was tasked with sentencing the young woman. From the bench he said Brown’s behavior was an abomination and stated, “I’m not all that often at a loss for words but … this leaves me near speechless.” He added, “It’s cruel. It’s bizarre. It’s beyond the pale of how humans should treat each other.”

The ghastly incident Downes was referring to happened this January in Lynnwood, Washington. Brown lured her victim to a motel room where she straddled him and tried to…

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