Harvest Moon Festival in East Asian Calendar

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Harvest Moon Festival in East Asian Calendar.

The calendar in East Asian countries (China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam) is a Luni-Solar calendar. The months of this calendar begins with each New Moon. A month is named based on the position of the Sun in the Celestial sphere during that month.

1. Naming of months in the year.

In summary, the months are named according to the following rules:

11th month must encompass the Winter solstice day21st of December,

12th month always follows 11 month,

1st month of next New Year always follows 12th month.

2nd month must encompass the Spring Equinox day of21st of Mar,

5th month must encompass the Summer solstice day21st of December,

8th month must encompass the Autumn Equinox day of21st of September,

3rd, 4th…

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