Cyprus Flag Administration permits the use of electronic Oil Record Book eORB

Maritime Cyprus

( The Cyprus Department of Merchant Shipping (DMS) announced it has provided permission for the use of electronic oil record books (eORB) onboard Cyprus-flagged vessels.

Under MARPOL regulations, oil tankers of 150 gross tonnes or more are required to maintain Oil Record Book Parts I and II for cargo or ballast operations, while all ships of 400 gross tonnes or more are required to maintain Oil Record Book Part I for machinery space operations. Following MEPC 68, the IMO issued draft Guidance for the use of electronic record books under MARPOL (MEPC 68/9, annex 1).

According to the USCG, more than 100 vessels have been criminally prosecuted for oil-book violations in the United States over the past 10 years and incorrect or missing oil waste transfer records can result in severe penalties including criminal prosecution.

eORBs prevent oil record books from going missing onboard and mitigate the risks associated…

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