The NSA offered to give the FBI Hillary Clinton’s lost emails but James Comey turned them down

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 It has been a rough week for former FBI Director James Comey: first we learned that he actually drafted his letter exonerating Hillary Clinton for her role in the email scandal months before interviewing key witnesses–including Hillary Clinton–and now we are finding out that the National Security Agency is in possession of copies of her emails and offered them to the FBI, but James Comey turned down the offer.

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Clinton’s emails, which were stolen by the Russians, have never been found. But as I’ve mentioned numerous times, the messages are still in the possession of the National Security Agency (NSA), which offered to give them to the FBI.

Comey turned down that offer, according to a source who has been very reliable.

  First I disagree with the assertion that the emails were stolen by the Russians. Russia might have stolen the emails but the truth…

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