Trump’s Afghan Plan ‘Will Have the U.S. Not Winning, but Not Losing’

Not winning, and not losing? Then what are we to make of casualties? Not casualties, or casualties? What are we to make of deaths? Not deaths, or deaths? What are we to make of expense to taxpayers for prosecuting the war? Not costing, or costing?
It kind of reminds me of, “not really pregnant”.
I am not pleased with the president’s decision. Hmmm…

Jim Campbell's

Since WW II hasn’t that been the way the U.S. has fought all its wars?

U.S. President Donald Trump’s Afghanistan war plan is expected to include an increase in the number of American troops fighting terrorists in the country, prompting some analysts to suggest the “new strategy” is only an extension of the failed status quo.

That was the sound of common sense kicking in!

Breitbart’s Big Government

byEdwin Mora

 Aug. 21, 2017

Taking the pulse of Trump’s Afghanistan strategy among Washington’s mainstream media, Mike Allen, the co-founder of both Politico and Axios media, determined that the war will remain a stalemate under the president’s plan.

“The plan will have the U.S. not winning, but not losing,” he wrote.

U.S. Gen. John Nicholson, the top commander of American and NATO forces in Afghanistan, told Congress in February that the coalition has been facing a “stalemate”…

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One Response to Trump’s Afghan Plan ‘Will Have the U.S. Not Winning, but Not Losing’

  1. So what is the purpose of getting involved?? If we keep our nose clean and stay home where we belong, they will never notice we didn’t show up.
    What have these war been all about; practice drills or getting the job done?? Up to now, they have all been political and only fought to enriching some very wealthy war-mongers coffers.
    I sure hope PDT has this secret plan of his that makes the USA look credible. Up until now, the most powerful country has been getting the shit kicked out of it in every war we have been in since WWII.

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