Is Trump Headed For The Door?

Trump didn’t give America, Constitutional Carry, so hold the door open and throw the bum, out.

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In the wake of the ever continuing saga revolving around the controversies and misbehavior of Donald J. Trump, it’s a question I have to ask. Notice I didn’t use the “I” word…because frankly, though many in the media feel that Trump has alienated himself from all of his “friends” on Capitol Hill that he would need if indeed he were impeached (some sites claim he’s just six votes away from getting ousted), it probably won’t happen. People, even snowflakes on the left are not that stupid (well…ok, with the exception of Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi).

Now, there is another scenario that could very easily play out. And it wouldn’t be out of character for Donald Trump to utilize it. What if he throws his hands up in despair and says, “ENOUGH!” and quits. I mean, he just dissolved his CEO council because people were quitting that left and right…

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