The Geopolitics of Container Shipping Alliances

Maritime Cyprus

What is the future of container shipping? Will industry consolidation continue and, if so, who will still exist in 2020? All highly relevant questions constituting a fairly amusing – yet nerdy – game at supply chain conferences. This often comes with the predictable disclaimer: nobody really knows. However, there are three “facts” that make predicting the future of the container shipping industry relatively easy. One wild card remains.

1. More consolidation is “needed”
Almost all businesses in the logistics chain are currently suffering from the effects of consolidation in container shipping: shippers deplore the decline of service frequency, ports the loss of calls and terminals the stress of larger peaks. Yet, within the current business model, consolidation might be needed for the container shipping industry to be profitable: they need size to finance and fill bigger ships. In the coming years an impressive amount of new mega-ships will come into…

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