VIDEO McMaster Sink Trump – Progressives, MSM frame ‘Warmonger of all Time’ – Lib Terrorist Shoots GOP

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Should Kim Jong Un follow through on his threats (God forbid!) they will never be forgiven for making Russian conspiracies their priority while North Korea was getting ready to nuke America

Progressives, media getting ready to frame president as ‘Warmonger of all Time’

Aug 10, 2017 By Judi McLeod

Any day now President Donald J. Trump will be pounced upon as ‘The World’s Biggest Warmonger of all Time’.

To the progressives and their Mainstream Media running dogs, North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un is not the enemy, the president of the United States is.

They’ll come up out of the Russia-stole-the-election rabbit hole long enough to make the warmonger accusations stick and jump back into the hole as soon as possible.

Talking straight and sounding nasty to threatening dictators is “reckless”.  Pandering to them always better.

But don’t plan on waking up alive from another night’s restless sleep with Senators…

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