The whole world has gone nuts!!!!

The Goomba Gazette

Ohio car attack suspect faces murder charge, civil rights probe

This retarded looking piece of white-trash rammed a car into a group of other crazy demonstrating fools that were trying their best to kill each-other with baseball bats and other weapons yesterday at Charlottesvlle, Virginia demonstration.


Ohio resident James Alex Fields Jr., 20, was charged on Aug. 12, 2017, with second-degree murder in the fatal car ramming in Charlottesville, Virginia, which appeared to target counter-protesters at a white nationalist rally.

I don’t know why Fields has not been charged with 1st degree murder. He obviously planned this attack long before he used the demonstrators as dodgem cars.

The whole world is going nuts, across the pond and domestically by fools with opposing views trying to send their adversaries to Boot Hill.


My old philosophy of live and let live seems to be non-existent.

I really don’t know if the world…

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