Taiwan Says Chinese Aircraft Fly Around Island in Weekend of Drills

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TAIPEI — Chinese military aircraft carried out two rounds of drills around Taiwan at the weekend, flying past its southern tip and then around its north near Japan, the self-ruled island’s defense ministry said.

China has been increasingly asserting itself in territorial disputes in the South and East China Seas. It is also worried about Taiwan, which it claims as its own, but which is run by a government China fears is intent on independence.

On Sunday, two Chinese military transport aircraft flew through the Bashi Channel between Taiwan and the Philippines before going up near the Japanese island of Miyako, to Taiwan’s north, where they were joined by two Chinese fighter jets, and then returned home, the ministry said.

The day before, Chinese bombers and transport aircraft flew the same route, while Chinese fighters and airborne early warning aircraft flew only…

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2 Responses to Taiwan Says Chinese Aircraft Fly Around Island in Weekend of Drills

  1. tonytran2015 says:

    As US is concentrating on NK, China inched in on the China vs Japan&Taiwan front, while playing a mediator role on the first front.

    This is an old tactics of extracting concession using pressure on another front!,

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