Sunday Talks: Deception Karl Rove Attempts to Kneecap President Trump…


The right-side of the DC UniParty are exploiting the opportunity to undermine President Trump through heavy use of the “weak Charlottesville response” attack narrative.

Against the background of NAFTA renegotiation (beginning Wednesday), and with a trade confrontation with China imminent (Tomorrow), the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is seizing on this opportunity to dispatch all of their paid operatives to destroy the threat to multinational corporatism and globalist economic expansion, U.S. President Trump.

It’s the perfect anti-Trump storm formation, with a motive oblivious to the U.S electorate because the media have not discussed any of the trade aspects to President Trump’s economic national security agenda.  The big business lobby, Tom Donohue, multinational corporations and their paid advocates have free reign to attack Trump.

Enter Karl Rove:

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