Let’s get back to the problem at hand, please

The, Charlottesville, Va., episode has passed. It was not pleasing, as some believe it was horrid, others think it was too mild and genteel. The finger pointing has started by the MSM, and that made me think. Was the event staged to divert attention from North Korea? The NK Fat Kid, made the open threat that August 17th, is his deadline. So, are we going to nuke NK preemptively, or if fatso launches nuclear missiles against US assets in Guam, or Japan, or South Korea? Fatso also has a fear of one thing that is played down, and that is, the return of Japanese military to invade and take over, if Japan is attacked. The jackal nations lining up allied to NK, will need to be held at bay, and China’s duplicity is scheming against the US, therefore a complete embargo against China is appropriate. The FBI is not rounding up any NK spies or sympathizers, as it should have been doing since the matter got out of hand, because a Fifth Column, could engage in espionage and sabotage. The president, has a full plate. I would be demanding a military draft be reinstated, now, before a shorthanded US military needs to get into action. Snowflakes and thumbsuckers, can have any MOS however, they should be sent to the fighting and their units turned into rifle companies. Yes, infantry. One hot meal a day, if possible. On the homefront, the US Congress should authorize Constitutional Carry, and ask for a Home Guard of volunteers (count me in). Then operational orders and training, rather than helter skelter, if this go hot, here in the US. An old saying is, “99% boredom, and 1% sheer terror”. So let’s forget the riot event and get back to the real troublemaker: North Korea, the joching = 조깅.

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