Keith Ellison regrets saying Kim Jong Un is ‘acting more responsibly’ than Donald Trump

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  Image:The situation in North Korea is growing more desperate by the day. Kim Jong Un has been test firing missiles and this provocation has been condemned by the United Nations, while Donald Trump has ratcheted up the rhetoric in an attempt to intimidate the North Korean leader. It is also being reported that North Korea now has the capability to attach miniature nuclear warheads to ICBMs which can reach the continental United States. I am not sure I believe this but that is what is being reported.

  It is clear to me that after decades of United States leadership which has been unwilling to confront this situation that  Kim Jong Un is testing the current President to see what his reaction will be. Unlike Bill Clinton, George W Bush, and Barack Obama Donald Trump seems to be taking a more hard line approach and this has drawn the ire…

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