By far the most egregious %^&*# blunder in history

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Iran lawmakers vote to boost spending on missile program

The ink on the ONE-SIDED agreement O-Bomb-A made with Iran was not even dry and Iran reneged.

Even worse; whilst O-Bomb and his puppet Kerry were begging Iran on bended knee to sign on the dotted line; Iran was announcing publicly they were out to destroy the USA. Only a super-fool would have gone forward with the deal such as that. WELL!!

By far the most egregious %^&* – *@ blunder in the history of the USA. I will go so far as to say; O-Bomb-A’s decision to release the 151 billion dollars to Iran, MAY in the long run be more damaging to the world than GWB and his hatch man Cheney made to illegally invading Iraq.

Let us put aside all of the other blunders O-Bomb-A made while he was sitting in the Big Chair.  While trying to…

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