2016 Voter Fraud: VA university student convicted of registering dead Democrat voters

Jim Campbell's

Finally, progressive dirt bags are being tried and convicted as the criminals they are for their wrong doings.

We can only hope that his conviction will be followed by many more, this is not an isolated event, it has been part of the Democrat “Get out the Vote strategy,” for decades.

Perhaps if the laws were changed to make interfering with the voting process a felony, followed by hard time in prison on conviction, those who might be considering doing so, would think twice before they acted.

Of course, that would be suggesting progressives can think. 

Fellowship of the Minds

byDr. Eowyn

August 13, 2017

Virginia was a swing state in the 2016 presidential election. Hillary Clinton won Virginia with 49.75% of the votes, vs. Donald Trump’s 44.43%.

Its governor is a Democrat and rabid Clinton supporter, Terry McAuliffe.

Victor Skinner reports for EAGNews.org thaton Aug. 8…

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