There is no longer room for white racists, and bigots in America

Jim Campbell's

By Jim Campbell

August 11, 2017

Clearly, there is no longer any room for whites to be considered racists or bigots.

The progressive blacks in our country have cornered the market.

In fact, there are more of these black assholes per square-inch, than there are square inches to fit them in.

This story is not just about California, it’s been swindled by the leftist news in their attempt to convince white Americans that they are right.

Another illustrious member of the California US Congressional delegation and
member of the Congressional Caucus of the Race-obsessedlaunched a bigoted attack against the President in front of the annual liberal Nut-fest gathering known the Netroots Nation’s convention in Atlanta.

This time it was California Democrat Barbara Lee telling the audience “Trump wasted no time in implementing the hateful agenda that he ran on.

 It’s an all out assault on our fundamental civil…

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