The Sad Saga of the Media

Article is a grand slam. The reduction of IQ levels is their goal. Around here, news reporters on the streets, always interview imbeciles. Bird brains that will spew whatever is on the tip of their tongue, without thinking. People viewing the idiocy, then start doing the same thing.
Actually, the only television I watch, is a tiny bit of news, and a whole lot of horse racing. Even the hunting programs, with exception of one or two presenters, has been reduced to imbeciles and idiots.

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Ours is a diseased media – Guest post by Mustang who also spins some great tales at Fix Bayonets and Thoughts From Afar

You know, if this wasn’t pathetic, it might make you laugh aloud. Recently, the New York Times claimed to have leaked a ‘secret’ gloom and doom climate change report; one that President Trump was trying to keep away from the public. Included in the article was the ever-present sniping at anyone who hasn’t swallowed the Gore lies and distortions. Now …um … the British scientist who completed this report wonders, how could the New York Times leak a report that was available to the public since the study went through the review process?

Is this an example of shoddy journalism, a careless attempt at fake news, or is it the very best example of leftist humor?

I would love to be able to peek under the covers…

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