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pennine: I couldn’t agree with you more Thoughtfully, recently hearing President Trump’s ”Take no sh*t” thunderings  to the North Korean leader(who doesn’t-admittedly-seem to be a full sack of potatoes) the thought comes to me that on the Jihady scene  with their attacks on us (UK) this year & as yet another case of the Moslem Child-Sex -Grooming Gangs (this time up here in the North-East in Newcastle-on-Tyne) has been unearthed, we could do with someone like President Trump and his attitude as our leader, to shout at these people, who’s parents were welcomed into our little country,and given state benefits to many of them, yet repay us by thinking our kids are put into this world for them to use & abuse, after all we’re only “white trash” (or Sikh”trash” -because Indian Sikh communities have been targetted by them too) to them. Even  the Labour MP & Islamophile  Sarah…

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