Riots, looting and gunfire across the Kenyan capital amid anger over ‘rigged election’

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  • Incumbant President Uhuru Kenyatta has won a second term in Kenya
  • But the opposition candidate Raila Odinga has claimed the election was rigged
  • Kenyatta has called for unity after the vote, saying there is no need for violence 
  • As some celebrated, fires and riots broke out in the capital’s slums this evening 

Riots and celebrations started in Kenya after the electoral commission announced President Uhuru Kenyatta has won a second term.

Opposition candidate Raila Odinga was quick to claim the vote was rigged and protests started in Nairobi after the result was announced.

Police have reportedly used teargas on protesters in the Kisumu and Nairobi slums.

Angry protests erupted almost immediately in Odinga’s strongholds: in Nairobi’s biggest slum Kibera police fired bullets in the direction of protesters, who looted and attacked businesses…

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